Becoming a

Associate Protection Professional (APP)

Why Apply for the APP?

ASIS developed this certification program to provide the first “rung” on the security manager’s career ladder. It is intended for those with one to four years of security management experience. Earning the APP will show your colleagues and supervisor that you have mastered the four domains of this APP:

  1. Security Fundamentals
  2. Business Operations
  3. Risk Management
  4. Response Management

What’s on the Exam?

The APP examination consists of 100 scored multiple-choice questions and may also contain 25 randomly distributed pre-test (unscored) questions for a total of up to 125 questions. The exam is 2 hours long and takes into consideration the review of pre-test items.

We are accepting APP applications, however, exam scheduling will not be available until the second quarter of 2019.


  • Experience as a security professional in the protection of assets, in the public or private sector, criminal justice system, government intelligence, or investigative agencies.
  • Experience with companies, associations, government, or other organizations providing services or products, including consulting firms, provided the duties and responsibilities substantively relate to the design, evaluation, and application of systems, programs, or equipment, or development and operation of services, for protection of assets in the private or public sectors.
  • Experience as a full-time educator on the faculty of an accredited educational institution provided the responsibilities for courses and other duties relate primarily to knowledge areas pertinent to the management and operation of protection of assets programs in the public or private sectors.

The chart below shows how the eligibility requirements would be altered for those holding the new APP designation.

CPP With Degree No Degree
Current Experience Requirements 7 years 9 years
With an APP 5 years 7 years
PCI With Degree No Degree
Current Experience Requirements 5 years 5 years
With an APP 4 years 4 years
PSP With Degree No Degree
Current Experience Requirements 4 years 6 years
With an APP 3 years 5 years
  1. Other eligibility requirements for the CPP, PCI or PSP still need to be met (e.g., responsible charge or case management)
  2. The APP designation would be expired if candidate obtains the CPP (you cannot hold both designations at the same time)
  3. Those who are already PCI- and/or PSP-certified will be eligible to take the APP exam (provided they meet the requirements of the individual program)
  4. CPPs will not be permitted to take the APP exam 

Getting Started